Friday, January 2, 2009

We Said No No No But He Heard Yes Yes Yes

Early voting for Nashville’s English Only referendum begins today. This referendum making English the official language of the city of Nashville has been universally reviled across a broad spectrum of our community:

• It has been opposed by Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, who notes English Only will inhibit the city’s economic development outreach to foreign countries.

• It has been opposed by our college and university leaders, who say the measure would negatively impact education.

• It has been opposed the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, noting (among other things) that a city with an unwelcoming and regressive image will have trouble luring international businesses.

• It has been opposed by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau because it “sends the wrong message” to visitors, those employed in the hospitality industry, and business leaders.

• It has been opposed by a diverse coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders, who note this goes against their respective religious traditions of hospitality and welcoming the foreigner.

• It has cost the city over $300,000.

• It was forced down the throats of Nashville voters with out of state financing from a renowned racist.

My prediction: it will pass.

Welcome to Nashville, where ignorance is bliss.

If Nashville does approve this measure it will be the largest city to do so, but it will by no means be the last. Expect success in Nashville to be followed by English Only measures across the state and across the country. Conservatives are at their best when they're beating up on brown people.