Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bush Giving Freedom Medals To Iraq War Buddies


Just found out on Countdown that this is likely the reason the Obama family was forced to seek lodging in a hotel: John Howard is the one staying at Blair House, traditional residence of president-elects and their families before their inauguration.

I'm sure no one could have anticipated scheduling this medal ceremony for January 13 would have interfered with something else important happening in the middle of the month. Sheesh.


Oh goodie, another BS ceremony President Bush can preside over:
Blair gets US medal as era ends

The award by President Bush of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tony Blair marks not only the close alliance between the two men but the end of an era of British-American relations.

The former British prime minister will receive his medal, the highest civilian honour given by the United States, at the White House on 13 January.

Also receiving the medal will be the former Australian prime minister John Howard and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe - also allies in Mr Bush's "war on terror" and the war in Iraq.

Whew it just doesn’t get more pathetic than that. A week before the inauguration of President-elect Obama, Mr. Bush seems bound and determined to stage one last piece of kabuki theater for the handful of remaining sycophants and supporters who still believe the Iraq War was a splendid idea.

From the Memory Hole, here are some other Iraq War players who got their Medal of Freedom:

Good times, good times.