Saturday, January 31, 2009

It’s Just The Free Hand Of The Market

Goodbye, Pajamas Media, hello angry, out of work bloggers:
We free marketers aren’t complaining that the business model failed. We’re upset (well, I am, at least) that the outfit was run into the ground by those who, to this day, can’t even articulate what it is they hope PJM to become, and who wasted the talents of a lot of popular average Joes in order to pay marquee names to post choppy versions of already syndicated columns — all in a complete 180 from what we were told PJM was about when we signed on.

ZOMG, the "popular average Joes" have a beef with management? Hilarious! Hey, maybe you guys should form a union.

Not only have you been bitch-slapped by the free hand of the market, you've been screwed by a conservative elite who only give a crap about "popular average Joes" when they can be trotted out as stage props to bolster the GOPs phony-baloney populist message. You've been had, and the sad part is, you don't even know it.

Paging Joe The Plumber! Hey, is he back from Gaza yet?