Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Eric Crafton: Leave California Aloooooooone!

Did I call Eric Crafton a “serial embellisher” yesterday? Why yes I did. And, courtesy of Pith In The Wind, here he goes again:
Crafton: In fact, out in Oakland California, they have a law in the books that says if you apply for government job that interacts with the public, then you not only have to be able to speak English, but you have to be able to speak Spanish or Chinese. So I just don't think that's the road we have to travel.

But Pith’s Caleb talked to Oakland's Equal Access Director Monique Tsang, who after hearing Crafton’s take on their ordinance came to the following conclusion:

"I think he's confused."

Uh, yeah. Me too.

I don’t know why Crafton has it out for California, anyway. What did California ever do to him? And you know what, Oakland California is not Nashville Tennessee. Completely different city, population and circumstances. Why are people like Eric Crafton so threatened by what people do in California, anyway?

So I’m going to ask Eric Crafton to leave California alone. Why don’t you pick on Texas for a while? Here’s some fresh bait for you: In November 2007, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo told Fox News’ John Gibson that there are cities in Texas “that have changed to Spanish as the official language.”

So go pick on Texas for a while, will ya?