Monday, January 26, 2009

They Were For It Before They Were Against It


Heh. Turns out one of the "reporters" peddling this phony outrage has already been forced to issue a correction. I think Media Matters is correct: the GOP is just hoping that contraception will be as much of a political hot potato for Obama as gays in the military was for Clinton.

Kinda shows how out of touch they are, but then these days, what doesn't?

Josh Marshall blows the lid off of the phony outrage peddled by some on the right over Nancy Pelosi’s family planning program:
First of all, the family-planning program that Pelosi supports expanding in the stimulus bill was created in 1972 under the leadership of Republican president Richard Nixon.

What's being proposed is an expansion in the number of states that can use Medicaid money, with a federal match, to help low-income women prevent unwanted pregnancies. Of the 26 states that already have Medicaid waivers for family planning, eight are led by Republican governors (AL, FL, MS, SC, CA, LA, MN and RI -- a ninth, MO, had a GOP governor until this past November). If this policy is truly a taxpayer gift to "the abortion industry," as John Boehner and House Republicans claim, where are the GOP governors promising to end the program in their states?

Additionally, the process of obtaining a waiver for Medicaid family-planning coverage is extremely cumbersome. A letter written by Wisconsin health regulators in 2007 noted that some states have had to wait for as long as two years before their request was approved. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that eliminating the waiver requirement would save states $400 million over 10 years.

The “liberal” media repeating Republican talking points .... no one could have anticipated that.