Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memory Hole, “Bipartisan” Edition

Bipartisanship, Tennessee Republican style:
At a stop in Nashville today, Lankford says congress has become too polarized and he’d like to work in a bi-partisan fashion. But he says that only goes so far.

“Well I’d certainly like to work with any of them that work with our ideology. I’m not willing to compromise our values and to me, unfortunately, that is what Lincoln has done. He’ll talk about his values and he’ll say for instance, ‘I’m pro-life,’ but he goes to Washington and votes for Nancy Pelosi which totally knocks him out of the ability to push that agenda.”


Look, I’m all for “bipartisanship” as long as everyone remembers that we saw precious little of it over the past eight years, when the Republicans basically told Democrats to suck on it since they are in charge.

That’s fine, but now there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s got a big ol’ mess to clean up, thanks to that very same “bipartisan” posse that is calling for the whaaaaambulance today. Look, you lost. We’ll work with any of you all who will work with our ideology. And you don’t even have to call it “bipartisanship,” how ’bout that? You can call it learning from the failed policies of the past.

Mack is right. Dems wouldn’t be called “spineless” if they didn’t act that way all the time. Come on, guys. You really did get a fucking mandate.