Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Bush Accomplishment

A nuclear North Korea:
North Korea Says It Has ‘Weaponized’ Plutonium

SEOUL, South Korea — The North Korean military declared an “all-out confrontational posture” against South Korea on Saturday as an American scholar said North Korean officials told him they had “weaponized” enough plutonium for roughly four or five nuclear bombs.

American intelligence officials have previously estimated that the North had harvested enough fuel for six or more bombs, although it has never been clear whether the North constructed the weapons. The scholar, Selig S. Harrison, said the officials had not defined what “weaponized” meant, but the implication was that they had built nuclear arms.

And this:

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea placed more soldiers at frontier guard posts and told its fishermen to refrain from sailing near North Korean waters on Sunday, a day after the North Korean military declared an “all-out confrontational posture” against the South and threatened a naval clash.

Oh goodie. Let’s just give everyone and I do mean everyone a nuclear bomb. From peaceful Costa Rica, which doesn’t even have a military, to saber-rattling Iran. Maybe if everyone had a nuclear bomb, we’d all be too afraid to use them and they’d lose their power.

I’m not serious, of course, but look at the world in 2009 compared to 2000: we have the same unrest between Israel and Palestine. We have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now tensions in Asia marked by weapons of mass destruction in the hands of the North Korean dictator. We have Russia waging a resource war on its neighbors. We have the United States failing in a plot to overthrow the Iranian government. We have Western nations joining energy-starved developing economies in China and India to wage resource wars in Africa.

The world is truly a mess.

Heckuva job, Bushie.