Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tennessee House Dems Are On The Map

Yesterday’s power-play maneuver by House Democrats has caught some national attention. National bloggers like Salon’s War Room, Wonkette, Eschaton, and Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic are covering the news.

Can Drudge be far behind?

Aw, just kidding. Drudge doesn't cover any news that makes Republicans look bad if he can help it. And we know the national press doesn't cover anything unless they see it in Drudge. So there you go.

All in all, however, it’s a nice change, since Tennessee politics usually hits the news for all of the wrong reasons. I'm remembering lots of teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling after the November election, lots of "what did we do wrong" self-analysis. And to come back with a big move like this certainly reasserts the notion that the Tennessee Democratic Party is not defunct.

Anyway, SoBe sends a high-five to the Tennessee Democratic caucus. Nice move, folks. To the Tennessee GOP I say: take your "mandate" and stuff it.