Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Minority Party That Roared


Via Michael Silence:
Later, Democrat Lois DeBerry of Memphis was re-elected as speaker pro tempore, the No. 2 House leadership position. Williams voted for DeBerry, who then won by 50-49 margin over Republican Rep. Beth Harwell of Nashville, a former GOP state chairman.

Looks like the Tennessee GOP's first foray into the State House majority since Reconstruction is not off to an auspicious start.

Schadenfreude. It's what's for breakfast.

Just, wow. GoldnI has the goods on this surprise move by Tennessee House Democrats to completely piss in Tennessee Republicans’ teapot.

Oh, my goodness. It’s priceless if for no other reason than the pleasure of hearing TNGOP Chair Robin Smith call for the waaaaaahmbulance:

“Kent Williams has betrayed his constituents and the people of Carter County in breaking his pledge - his signed oath - to vote for the nominee of the Republican caucus for Speaker of the House. He lied, in a quest for personal power, in league with Democrat Speaker Jimmy Naifeh and House Minority Leader Gary Odom, in their desire to retain power despite the results of the 2008 elections.”

Emotions are running so high that new speaker Kent Williams was escorted out of House chambers with police protection.

Oh, my. I can’t believe y’all were outmanuevered by a bunch of wimpy, know-nothing Tennessee Democrats.

Consider this payback for all the racist crap you guys have pulled over the past couple of years. And that's Democratic, Ms. Smith. You've just been pwned by 'em. Learn it.