Thursday, March 19, 2009

War On St. Patrick’s Day

Oh, fer crissakes. Stop the insanity!!

Granted, the original is from the Waco Tribune, not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity. But holy shamrock, Batman. I’m with Thers: this is the laziest excuse for reporting this side of a wingnut wank-fest like WorldNutzDaily:
"Some folks"...? "Card shops"...? "The Disney Channel"...? "Some Places"...?

Who? Where? No specific card shops advertising "Shamrock Day" are mentioned in the article, and I haven't seen any, though perhaps I only hang out in the more disreputable card shops.

Turns out one children’s museum in Berkeley is all it takes to spawn an eeeevil librul “trend” that threatens this Christian nation. You have to dig pretty deep into the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to find any mention of “Shamrock Day” over at House of Mouse. Looks like the story was mostly pulled out of reporter Terri Jo Ryan’s ass.

Onward Christian soldiers. Isn’t there a war on poverty you people could be fighting?