Thursday, March 19, 2009

Memory Hole: Bonus Edition


According to ACK, Marsha Blackburn was the only Tennessee Congress Critter to vote against the bonus tax.


I’m really glad people are pissed off at those greedy AIG executives, and I have no problem with the House slapping a big fat tax on their bonuses (though I’d love to know who the 93 holdouts were). I did find this interesting:
In all, 243 Democrats and 85 Republicans voted "yes" on the bill. It was opposed by six Democrats and 87 Republicans.


Meanwhile, Republicans take petty to new heights:

"He flies off to Los Angeles to be on the Jay Leno show," Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said this morning, referencing the president's appearance tonight on NBC's "Tonight Show."

"He's even found time to fill out his NCAA bracket," added  Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), the No. 3 Republican leader.

Oh, please. It’s not like he was on vacation for a whole week while an entire U.S. city drowned.

Indeed, this seems like a great opportunity to remind everyone of the fat bonuses TVA’s CEO and board received despite the coal ash spill that will cost hundreds of millions to clean up, and which ratepayers will pay for, even though it was the fault of TVA bean counters who opted for the cheap fix, as their “business model“ mandated. Remember, it’s always about profits.

I realize a $1 million bonus isn’t the same as $165 million in bonuses, and sinking a little town in east Tennessee in toxic sludge isn’t the same as flushing the entire U.S. economy down the toilet. Still, it’s helpful to remember that quite a few people have had their lives ruined while a select few were rewarded, taking home big bonuses which you and I are paying for.

And that happened right here at home. No one ever threatened to tax that money. Not even Lamar Alexander.

Just sayin' ...