Friday, March 27, 2009

Party Pooper

Via Sean Braisted, Bill Freeman is no longer TNDP chair:
"As I've made fund-raising calls in the last month, several long-time donors have expressed their concern to me that Governor Bredesen was not as supportive of me as I had hoped," Freeman said. "By resigning now, I hope I can take away some of the criticism the Party has faced recently and give Chip Forrester a better shot at rebuilding a relationship with the Governor and taking the Party in the direction that it needs to go."

If you’re late to the game, my previous posts on Freeman are here.

Freeman donated to Republicans and voted for Republicans. He shouldn’t have been TNDP treasurer to begin with. If he’d like to help out the TN Democrats because he now believes in Democratic Party principles, I hope he holds a nice, expensive fundraiser like all of those ones he attended for the TNGOP.

Resigning was the right call. Now let's work to rebuild the TNDP. Chip: my check is in the mail.