Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dump Michael Steele Watch, Day 1

Republican “insiders” are concerned:
A number of Republican politicos around Washington, many of whom supported Steele's bid to become party chairman, are worried that key jobs at the RNC are unfilled and the party's mission is unfocused, while Steele makes appearance after appearance on television, with sometimes controversial results. The result, they say, is a party that is losing its already scant momentum at a critical time.


"I think it's been a disaster of a first month," says one Republican who has served on Capitol Hill and the RNC. "He needs to disappear for 60 days, go and staff the building, put his personal energy into making sure he has the people he wants, and go from there.  That's what people are hoping he will do."

"It's not good," says another GOP politico.  "People feel that it's been very erratic at a time when we really need some sort of stabilizing force."

Read the comments on that link, they are illuminating.