Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is CNBC’s Jim Cramer A Fascist?

Hey, I'm not one to throw that particular "f" bomb around, but I'm just wondering what else Jim Cramer could possibly mean by this comment:
Government of, by, and for the corporation is perishing from the Earth… our country is now run by a president and a Bolshevik-leaning Democratic Party that are unfavorable to stocks and the people who own them.

Of, by and for the corporation? Gee, I don’t think that’s exactly how Abraham Lincoln phrased it in his Gettysburg Address, but Mussolini sure would be proud.

I seem to recall right-wingers getting all foamy-mouthed last October when then-candidate Obama talked about spreading the wealth around a bit. Communist! Socialist! Bolshevik! ZOMG!!!!1!!!11!

I guess this is another one to throw at CNBC spokesman Brian Steel. CNBC is starting to look increasingly like a bad parody of Fox Business.