Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dump Michael Steele Watch, Day 1 Update

Politico’s Roger Simon reports:
Which is why one top GOP strategist was recently quoted as saying of Steele, “If his implosion continues, RNC members are likely to call a special session to dump him for an effective chairman.”

Why, what’s this? The Hill reports, "RNC member calls on Steele to quit”:

Michael Steele should resign as Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, according to a committee member from North Carolina.

In an e-mail to fellow RNC members obtained by The Hill, Dr. Ada Fisher, North Carolina's national committeewoman, said Steele is "eroding confidence" in the GOP and that members of his transition team should encourage him to step aside. Fisher added Steele's personal e-mail address to the e-mail.

"I don't want to hear anymore [sic] language trying to be cool about the bling in the stimulus package or appealing to D.L. Hughley and blacks in a way that isn't going to win us any votes and makes us frankly appear to many blacks as quite foolish," Fisher wrote.

So who is Dr. Ada Stele? Talking Points Memo has the goods. Some interesting background info there.

Did I say Steele would last until June? Let's say May 1. Republicans in disarray!!!!