Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lamar Alexander: Wanker of the Day

Wow, I always thought Lamar Alexander was supposed to be some kind of moderate. But in yesterday’s Nashville City Paper, he attacked President Obama with the emptiest of partisan rhetoric, telling him to focus on the economy instead of his NCAA bracket, and telling him not to do too much in these first few months because ... well, he didn’t explain that part. He just said the economy was important, so quit worrying about all that other stuff like healthcare and energy independence and education.

For the record, the commentary was basically a repeat of a statement Alexander made on the senate floor at the beginning of March.

So let’s see, where have we heard this one before? Oh, yeah. Never mind, it’s just another wingnut talking point. I thought Lamar! was supposed to be above that sort of stuff, but apparently not.

Welcome to the wingnut party, Senator. Hope you enjoy the Kool-Aid and please don’t hog the Cheetos at the refreshment table.

I know it’s really a shock to finally have a president who can walk and chew gum at the same time. A leader who doesn’t run off to presidential retreats at Camp David, Crawford, or Kennebunkport, in between afternoons spent mountain biking. That was our last president, who took more vacations than any of his predecessors, including during times of economic crisis, war, and natural disasters. I don’t recall Sen. Alexander scolding President Bush to get back to work.

Thankfully during this time of crisis we have a president who understands that fixing the economy requires addressing a broad range of interrelated issues, and the flow of credit is just one component of that. Fixing the economy involves addressing a lot of things that were ignored over the past eight years, things that are drains on our economy and threaten our economic future.

You know, things like healthcare, energy independence, and education. Anyone out there think Sen. Alexander doesn’t get that?

Of course he does. I don’t for a moment think Lamar! is that clueless. I think the Republican’ts are simply at a loss as to how to effectively put the brakes on Obama’s agenda--the agenda which the American people elected him, overwhelmingly, to implement. So by peddling this false “ooooh he’s doing too much, he’s not focused on the crisis at hand” meme, they’re hoping to hit upon a winning talking point that will derail the Obama Administration.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Here’s a thought for Sen. Alexander. Instead of wasting your time recycling wingnut talking points in the local newspaper, why don’t you and your colleagues roll up your sleeves and offer some ideas of your own to fix the economy? Something besides, you know, tax cuts for the wealthy. We’ve seen how well that works.

I'd like Senator Alexander to stop playing partisan games. People don't have time for this nonsense. We're not stupid, and we know President Obama inherited a huge mess which was made on Sen. Alexander's watch.

And I invite you to give Sen. Alexander a call and let him know what you think of his little commentary: 202-224-4944