Friday, March 20, 2009

That Pesky Liberal Media

Wow, NBC News sure picked the perfect person to cover the McCain campaign in the last election:
Former NBC Producer Joins GOP Media Firm

In December producer Bethany Thomas Jordan lost her job in the NBC News Dallas bureau. She was among several NBC News staffers cut in a round of layoffs.

In May, Thomas Jordan will start a new job with republican media firm Scott Howell and Company. The company produces campaign commercials for GOP candidates.

Thomas Jordan covered the McCain campaign alongside correspondent Kelly O'Donnell.

Indeed she did. Thomas Jordan distinguished herself in the last campaign with such heavy-hitting stenography as McCain’s endorsement from Sylvester Stallone, his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, downplaying McCain’s age by pointing out the robust health of his mother (who was not running for president) and, of course, his empty threat to follow Osama bin Laden ”to the gates of hell,” -- supposedly a demonstration of foreign policy experience.

Yes, I’d say a GOP advertising firm is the perfect place for Bethany Thomas Jordan to land.