Friday, March 13, 2009

No Cramer v. Stewart On MSNBC


The CEO of has abruptly quit. This is the online outlet which two years ago aired webcasts of Jim Cramer explaining how he manipulated the markets when he was a hedge fund manager.

Methinks someone is nervous, which explains Cramer’s bizarre appearance on TDS last night.


It appears I was not the only one speculating that Jim Cramer’s appearance on Jon Stewart’s show last night was being ignored:
MSNBC Producers Asked Not To Highlight Cramer/Stewart

A TVNewser tipster tells us MSNBC producers were asked not to incorporate the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart interview into their shows today. In fact, the only time it came up on MSNBC was during the White House briefing, when a member of the press corps asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if Pres. Obama watched. Gibbs wasn't sure if the president had, but Gibbs did. "I enjoyed it thoroughly," the Press Secretary said.

I haven’t been around the TV much today but I didn’t see the story come up at all on MSNBC this morning.

This just proves what we’ve been saying all along: it’s not that the news media is too liberal or too conservative. It’s that you’re incompetent. Last night someone said the emperor has no clothes, and today the emperor is refusing to talk about it. And it's, you know, his job to talk about it.