Monday, February 23, 2009

Zombie Mice Won’t Die

Zombie marsh mice are brought back to life in Sheryl Gay Stolberg’s otherwise intriguing piece on partisanship in Washington. Stolberg ruined it with this:
Besides, there are political gains to be made by standing tough. Mr. Gingrich sees the stimulus bill as his party’s ticket to a revival in 2010, as Republicans decry what they see as pork-barrel spending for projects like marsh-mouse preservation. “You can imagine the fun people will have with that,” he said.

Yes. Imagine the fun.

Never mind that it wasn’t true. Never mind that there was no money for marsh mice in the stimulus bill. Ever.

Nice of Ms. Stolberg to point that out in her piece. Oh, wait. She didn’t!

This is why the New York Times is not exactly “liberal.” Just another sucky news outlet peddling right wing talking points, straight from the lips of Newt Gingrich.