Monday, February 2, 2009

Misery Loves Company

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is hilarious. And here I thought they got together at those Regent University and Patrick Henry College picnics.

Apparently someone is a little worried that the Bush Legacy Whitewash Project hasn’t been as successful as they hoped.

The “Bush Cheney Alumni Association” website offers the following must-read “Bush record documents”:
The Bush Record: Praise Continues For President’s Accomplishments

The Bush Record: More Praise For President’s Accomplishments

The Bush Record: Praise For President’s Accomplishments

Let me guess: next week’s posting will offer still MORE praise for the President’s accomplishments!

It must be hard out there for a Loyal Bushie. Even Alberto Gonzalez can’t get a job these days. But this is less an “alumni association” representing “thousands of individuals who worked or volunteered for George W. Bush while he was President of the United States or Governor of Texas” than a way to compile a mailing list to continue to spew pro-Bush-Cheney propaganda. If only they'd spent as much time on trying to actually govern versus orchestrating propaganda and spin, things might not have gone so horribly for them.

“Both members and non-members of the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association can subscribe” to their e-newsletter, according to the website. Did I sign up? You betcha!