Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honk If You’re Stupid Enough To Buy This BS Campaign

ACK directs readers to the Tennessee Republican Party’s new bumper sticker:

This just begs to be parodied. I solicited some ideas from a few friends who were more than up to the challenge. To wit:

• "Honk if you took a big bonus just before the government bailed out your worthless company."--Hecate

• "Honk if you paid for your bankers' cocaine" -- MasterD, damn yankee

• "Honk if you're sorry the Republicans didn't get to put your social security into the stock market." -- rootless-e

• "Honk you're driving on a taxpayer funded highway."-- Libby

• "Honk If You Think my Uterus Belongs to You"--Culture of Truth

• "Have your driver honk if I've been paying your taxes for you."--minusp

• "Honk if you want Bush back."--(anti-noise-pollution sticker)--Dirk Gently

And the winner is .... (drum roll, please!):

• "Honk if you're going to the job fair." --Duane V

Thank you, folks! See you on the taxpayer-funded superhighway to hell, where we won’t even have a handbasket to smooth the ride.

Post your own bumper sticker in comments ...