Monday, February 23, 2009

I Guess The Rich Are Different

TNDP Treasurer Bill Freeman explains his donations to the Republican Party:
Freeman also provided more details about his largest GOP contribution. "In 2004, my neighbor hosted a fundraiser for President Bush," Freeman says. "My son wanted to meet the President, so I gave $10,000 for two tickets.  My motivation was not to help the GOP, it was to give my son the opportunity to meet the President of the United States.  But, looking at the mess the Bush Administration has created in our country and around the world - this is not a decision I would repeat if I had to do over again."

Wow. How much more clueless can you get? Tell me, when was your big epiphany that the Republican Party was screwing up the country?

Hey Mr. Freeman, at the same time you were throwing away your spare $10G so junior could shake hands with a man I’d only want to meet if I could tell him to go fuck himself, I was busting my ass for the Tennessee Democratic Party every single weekend to elect John Kerry. I went door to door in some of Nashville’s roughest housing projects, registering voters and talking about the Democratic ticket. I set up voter registration tables every Saturday. I burned up my cell phone minutes phone banking. Why? Because I'm a Democrat and when you see your country being destroyed by a party who treats the Constitution like toilet paper, you don't sit back on the sidelines. You get involved.

Oh, by the way: I hosted house parties too -- not at the $5,000 a ticket level, of course. I think one event raised about $7,000 total though, and we were mighty proud of ourselves. Glad to know all of that work was wiped away by a quick stroke of your pen so your kid could meet the president.

Hey, Bill Freeman: Fuck you.

TNDP won’t get one more dime from me as long as you’re raising the funds.