Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Democrats Don’t Vote Republican Either. End of Discussion.

The Bill Freeman saga continues with this revelation via Jeff Woods:
Well, here's something else for Freeman to explain. A check of election records shows he voted in the '02 and '06 Republican primaries. We're guessing he voted for his buddy Van Hilleary in '02 and for his buddy Bob Corker in '06. These votes undercut Freeman's contention that his contributions to these Republicans was strictly mercenary. Freeman hasn't called us back yet to comment.

Okay, let’s look at this one for a minute. We all know people from the other side of the aisle who voted Democratic this time out when the Republican Party became the party of war, torture, religious nutballs, economic crisis and George W. Bush. Hey, welcome to my big tent. Glad to have you. Hope you stay.

We all know people who consider themselves “independents” who swing both ways politically. These are the people who say they vote the candidate and the issues, not the party. Good for you. That ain’t me, but you have my admiration.

But here’s the thing: neither of these people become party treasurer! They are not party apparatchiks. They do not suddenly decide to marry one of the parties they had previously only dated.

I can appreciate the sentiment of someone like Left Wing Cracker who says we should welcome “Reagan Democrats.” Well, Reagan is dead. Bill Freeman is not a “Reagan Democrat.” According to his voting record, he’s a Van Hilleary Democrat. A Bob Corker Democrat. And you've to spin yourself silly trying to explain that one.

Bill Freeman has a right to his political beliefs (even if they are cravenly self-serving ones) but for crying out loud he does not deserve a job with the Party. You know, it’s starting to look like he’s not even a mercenary skank lacking the political finesse to spin it better, as Pete Kotz phrased it.

He’s a fence-sitter. He doesn’t know what he is. Hey, there are a lot of people like that in the electorate, but I repeat: they do not work for the state party as treasurer.

And, Bill Freeman, neither should you.