Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Is this supposed to make us feel better?
The Tennessee Valley Authority is reshuffling its executive staff, in part to help respond to the challenges of cleaning up the ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant, the utility announced today.

Preston Swafford, formerly head of TVA’s coal operations, will become TVA’s nuclear chief, the utility said. Mr. Swafford replaces Bill Campbell, who is being named to a new position over engineering operations.


So the executive who was over TVA’s coal operations during this whole toxic ash spill mess has been moved to the nuclear power division?

Is this a joke?

Look, I have no idea what Preston Swafford’s involvement in the Kingston coal ash spill was, but I've always suspected that repairs to the leaky coal sludge pond were done on the cheap at the behest of TVA bureaucrats, not Kingston plant management (and yes, I blogged about it last month).

If that was Swafford’s call, he should be fired, not promoted. And he definitely shouldn’t be put in charge of a power generating division that poses even higher risks to public safety than a coal plant.

(h/t, R. Neal)