Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I Don’t Give A Crap About

This, this, and this. Oh, and this, too.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Manufacturing has stalled. New jobless claims have soared. Unemployment in America is 7.5%--the highest in 17 years. Unemployment in Tennessee is even higher than that.

Our country is about to go off a cliff, and what are the brilliant minds in the Republican Party and their media enablers offering for public discussion?

From Andrew Card:
"There should be a dress code of respect," Card tells INSIDE EDITION. "I wish that he would wear a suit coat and tie."
Sarah Palin:
NEW YORK (AP) — Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is still mad at media coverage of her candidacy, particularly "anonymous, pathetic bloggers" who she says spread falsehoods about her.

The Alaska governor also says she's addicted to Carmex lip balm, grew up playing flute and trombone, and says sports taught her everything she knows.
Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX):
When pressed to clarify, Sessions said he was not comparing the House Republican caucus to the Taliban, the Muslim fundamentalist group. “I simply said one can see that there’s a model out there for insurgency,” Sessions said before being interrupted by an aide.

Dick Cheney:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that there is a “high probability” that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years, and said he fears the Obama administration’s policies will make it more likely the attempt will succeed. 
In short: fluff, whining, partisanship and fearmongering.

Someone remind me why anyone is paying attention to these clowns? Why is anyone taking their opinions seriously? No wonder this country is messed up, we've been getting screwed by these idiots for eight years and the media still keeps shoving microphones in their faces.

I'm sick of it.