Friday, February 13, 2009

A REAL Feel Good--And Look Good--Friday

I have to confess, NBC’s The Biggest Loser is perhaps my biggest guilty pleasure where TV is concerned. I have a love-hate relationship with the show: I love the workouts and watching people struggle to get healthy, dealing with their issues and eventually falling in love with their new selves. I love watching the transformations.

But I absolutely hate the super-cheesy product placement ads dropped like giant turds through each episode: Trainer Bob telling his house that, “research shows if you chew Wrigley’s Extra SugarFree Gum it can curb your cravings for sweets!” or Jillian recommending a BRITA water filter instead of bottled or tap water.

It’s really bad, NBC. I just have to say, you guys could be a tad more subtle. Fortunately through the miracle of TiVo, I record each episode and fast-forward past all the sponsorship crap.

But anyway, I just learned that TBL will hold a casting call here in Nashville on February 28 at the Wildhorse Saloon, from 10 am-5 pm. First come, first-served. They are looking for guest trainers as well as contestants.

The show only deals with the truly obese -- anyone who needs to lose 20 or even 50 pounds won’t make the cut. But if you or a loved one fit in the former category and would like to get healthy on national television, with a shot at winning some money, check it out. You can download an application and find out all the details here.