Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Future Is Here & Its Name Is Bobby Jindal

No, not really. But David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network thinks so. He’s got a man-crush and its name is Bobby Jindal:
Bobby Jindal is going to be a star. Correct that. He is a star already. His star turn came tonight when the Lousiiana [sic] Governor gave the Republican response to President Obama's speech tonight. Can anybody say 2012?

Can you? Can you feel the Jindal-mentum? Huh? CAN YOU? I’M TALKING TO YOU!

It gets better:

In Jindal, the GOP has a new fresh face who is ridiculously bright, very convincing and folksy. He's a little bit of everything. You see it's all about how you package it. It's all about how you are defined as a candidate. Jindal has the advantage of being a guy who has huge upside in the way he's defined. By being a different sort of looking Republican, he has a built in advantage already in a party looking to redefine itself. It molds perfectly together.

Whoa there, cowboy. What do you mean by “different sort of looking Republican”? You mean ... not white? Or just ... a really goofy grin and big ears?

I’m thinking he means “not white.” But as I said before, if the Republican Party wants to redefine itself, it will need to do more than change the color of the person talking. They need to put to rest their tired old “government is the problem not the solution” script. And based on Jindal's performance last night, that doesn't seem to be happening.

Meanwhile, the free hand of the market doesn't think Jindal 2012 is a good investment after last night's speech.