Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yeah, Some Elections Have Made Me Cry, Too

Most of us were celebrating the ousting of Intelligent Design-loving, homosexual-hating, man-on-dog fearin’ conservitard Rick Santorum. But I can see why the Senator’s 8-year-old daughter, not really old enough to understand the world of grown-up politickin’, would have shed tears on election night 2006. Little girls love their daddies.

But in one of those “only in Nashville” stories, we learn that Martina McBride’s new single “For These Times,” penned by self-described “Fox News junkie” Leslie Satcher, was inspired by the little girl’s tears on election night:
Inspiration struck on election night.

Satcher and her husband — “big Fox News junkies” — were riveted by the scene.

“I saw the cameras zoom in on that little girl,” Satcher said.

“That’s awful. They are not even showing Rick. They are showing her crying. She is hurting, and she knows her dad is hurting.”

It was pretty awful how the cameras zoomed in on the sobbing child, especially since for all we know she was crying because she was humiliated at being used as a stage prop by her dad. But whatever. This is the money quote:

“The song is about the fact that we are a faith-believing, conservative nation, and that voice gets very little front-page time to me.”

The first verse is about Sarah Maria [Santorum], Satcher said.

Only a Fixed Fox News junkie would be so out of touch as to think we're a "faith-believing, conservative nation." And anyway, I thought we weren’t supposed to use little children to send political messages?

But never mind that. I wonder if Leslie Satcher has ever been inspired by images like these:

Probably not, because she’s a Fixed Fox News junkie, and they would never dream of showing icky things like this to their viewers.

(h/t, Attaturk)
[UPDATE]: Leslie Satcher responds to my post:

I hope you understand that the song is not about Rick Santorum or his daughter. There is a big difference between a song being about a person (I write songs about my husband) and a line of a song being inspired by a person, an image or maybe a sentiment or memory. Check on the difference between "about" and "inspired".

As for your comment about "if Leslie Satcher has ever been inspired by images like these"; yes. The second verse of "For These Times" was inspired not by what I have seen on any news channel, but by what I have seen with my own two eyes on my trips to Walter Reed Hospitol. If you had heard the song, you may have gleened that from it. I encourage you to hear the song before passing judgement; I wrote it for you.

I also encourage you to seek out some of my other songs. Specifically a song called "Peace".