Sunday, October 14, 2007

Update: Museum Flags Fly Again

Updating a post from last week, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s flags are back:
The flags of the United States, Arizona and Mexico are going back up in front of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, in Tucson where they flew side by side for more than 50 years until last week.

Sophia Kaluzniacki , chair of the museum board, said Saturday the museum "caved" to anonymous threats from people angered to see the American flag next to the Mexican flag.

She called an emergency meeting Thursday after receiving more than 250 calls and e-mails regarding the flags removal earlier in the week.

The museum is also increasing its security budget by $100,000.

As I posted on Thursday, anonymous callers threatened the museum’s animal exhibits if the Mexican flag was not removed. Animals, of course, that take no sides in debates about immigration. Great plan, folks. And let's not forget: the museum received the flag as a gift of "friendship and brotherhood" from the governor of Sonora in 1954. But screw that friendship crap, let’s just spread as much hate as we can, shall we? And they wonder why we call them the lunatic fringe? Now the non-profit museum has to spend money on security that could have gone towards education or any number of other worthwhile causes.

Kaluzniacki said the board’s vote to reverse their earlier decision and restore the flags was unanimous:

"We decided if we're going to fight any fight, we're going to fight what we felt was the morally correct fight. We are not a political organization. Our work as conservationists, researchers and educators has nothing to do with politics," Kaluzniacki said. "This is a sign to extremists we will not give into threats."

It’s about time someone stood up to these idiots.