Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ban’d Part 2

Finally. Commenter Ban concedes that the photo David Horowitz used to promote Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week is a fake. However, I am still a “liberal imperialist liar”:
”You know, I suggest you jumpy delusional indignant westerners who abuse us middle easterners, rather than concentrate on what's turned out to be an honest mistake about something REAL, you should concentrate on the lies of your liberal imperialist liars:
I wonder what you racist elitists have to say to YOUR side's lies and propaganda. SHAME ON YOU FASCISTS.

I’m so glad we got that settled. Yes, Ban, women’s rights is a real issue. I’m not quite sure how bombing the crap out of Iran will make life better for the women there, though. Let’s ask some Iraqi women how it’s worked out for them:

Iraqi women: Prostituting ourselves to feed our children

Prostitution is a choice more and more Iraqi women are making just to survive.

"It's increasing," Suha says. "I found this 'thing' through my friend, and I have another friend in the same predicament as mine. Because of the circumstance, she is forced to do such things."

Violence, increased cost of living, and lack of any sort of government aid leave women like these with few other options, according to humanitarian workers.

"At this point there is a population of women who have to sell their bodies in order to keep their children alive," says Yanar Mohammed, head and founder of the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq. "It's a taboo that no one is speaking about."

She adds, "There is a huge population of women who were the victims of war who had to sell their bodies, their souls and they lost it all. It crushes us to see them, but we have to work on it and that's why we started our team of women activists."

Refugees don’t fare much better:

Iraqi Refugees Turn To Prostitution

Many Women In Syria Are Forced To Sell Their Bodies To Support Their Families

(CBS) It's after midnight, and the action on the Jermana strip on the edge of Damascus is just picking up. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports that this might seem an unlikely place to look for war refugees from Iraq, but inside — beyond the musicians and the floor show — they are there.

These refugees are selling the only thing they have left of any value: their bodies. In the clubs, the waiters act as dealmakers between clients and the Iraqi prostitutes.

This is the Arab world, where a woman's honor means everything. The fact that so many Iraqi women refugees are turning to prostitution is a mark of their desperation.

Historically, women and children have suffered the most during times of war. So I really have to question the agenda of those who would claim war with Iran will be good for women in that country. Sane people know better.