Sunday, October 21, 2007

Moses Blogging

"Hey! What gives! It's been a long time since there was any cat blogging around this place!"

OK, here's Moses, the baby of the family. He's growing like a weed. He started out as a little slip of a thing; we called him a "flat cat" because he was like an eel. But he's filling out nicely. So far he gets along with everyone, especially our Tub-O-Tabby, Julius, who last time we checked weighed about 20 lbs. Somehow Julius knows to be very gentle when he plays with Moses, though I can't say Julius returns the consideration.

Julius is very insistent on cleaning Moses, especially in those hard to reach places like the neck, ears and under the chin. At first we were worried that Julius was "tenderizing," not grooming, the new kitten, but there really does appear to be some affection between the two.