Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conservative Bloggers Hatin’ On Ron Paul

This was a surprise: a survey of right-wing bloggers by Right Wing News ranked Ron Paul their least favorite rightie. Obviously none of our local bloggers participated in this survey.

The survey seems hardly scientific, since 225 bloggers were asked to participate and only 45 did so. Maybe the others were waiting for their marching orders from the Central Office.

On second thought, maybe hating on Ron Paul isn’t that much of a surprise, since Paul is the non-establishment candidate from the right. It’s always struck me that right-wing bloggers are for more connected to the Republican Party than liberal bloggers are to the Democratic Party. Spend 5 minutes on a liberal blog and you’ll hear a barrage of insults about “spineless DINOs” and threats to unseat them all. The right wing blogs seem far more likely to spout the party line.

Anyway, the survey says the top five righties on conservative bloggers’ hating list are:

1. Ron Paul
2. Pat Buchanan
3. John McCain
4. Michael Savage (tie)
4. Larry Craig (tie)

If I had to take a guess about the top 5 liberals that liberal bloggers hate, I’d say:

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Harry Reid
3. Nancy Pelosi
4. Harold Ford Jr.
5. Ralph Nader

Joe Lierberman would be number one but people on the left don’t consider him a liberal anymore. Neither is Hillary Clinton, several bloggers inform me, despite the fact that she’s seeking the Democratic nomination. Well, that’s what I meant when I said leftie bloggers aren’t as connected to our political establishment as right wing bloggers are to theirs.