Monday, October 1, 2007

Numbers Are Coming In

Slowly but surely, third quarter fundraising numbers are coming in for the presidential contenders. I've compiled some information from around the internet.

Via HuffPo, Barack Obama raised $20 million during the third quarter fundraising period, $19 million of which can be used for the primary:
The money represents a decrease from the $33 million he raised during the second quarter period, but is believed to match the total raised by his primary rival for the Democratic nomination, Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY.

Obama's fundraising was aided by approximately 93,000 new donors who contributed to the campaign during the past three months. The decline in the money total was attributed to the traditionally slow fundraising months of July and August.

To date, the Obama campaign has raised more than $78 million, nearly $75 million of which is slated for the primary election. In addition, more than 350,000 people have donated to Obama since he announced his presidential candidacy.

Over at John Edwards’ camp, a campaign e-mail says they met their stated goal of raising $1 milion from internet supporters in 10 days (I hear Ron Paul's camp succeeded with a similar challenge.) Last week Joe Trippi told the Washington Post they expect to raise $7 million this quarter; the campaign will hold a fundraising conference call later today.

Gov. Bill Richardson’s campaign announced it had raised $5.2 million in the third quarter, “bringing his total for the year so far to $18 million.”

On the Republican side, Fred Thompson raised more than $8 million in this period, supposedly on top of $3.5 million raised in June. However, Thompson’s late starts puts him at a severe fundraising disadvantage with a lot of ground to make up.

No word on the numbers for Rudy Giuliani, John McCain or Mitt Romney yet except that Romney has loaned himself $15 million.