Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hot Water

Help! I need help!

OK, bloggers, give me some advice. We need a new water heater at the Beale household, and pretty quick. I thought I'd look into those new fangled tankless models, which are supposed to save on gas and last twice as long as the conventional kind. An even bigger selling point, from my point of view, is the space they save. If we switch to tankless we'll gain an entire storage closet. Be still my beating heart.

Here's the problem: we've done all sorts of research on the internet and thought we had a pretty good idea on which brands to stay away from. The general consensus seemed to be that Rinnai is a reliable, popular brand. I even talked to a couple of plumbers, and they all said good things about them. But when I called a major local plumber to get a quote, they told me they no longer handle Rinnai because of so many problems with the product. They only handle Noritz.

I kept this info to myself when my second plumber came over to give me his estimate. I asked what brands he'd recommend and he said the only one he'd stay away from was Noritz because of so many service problems associated with that brand.


It didn't help that the guy who was trying to sell me the Noritz tried to sell me a load of other bullshit, like how the State of Tennessee was close to banning bottled water.

So, bloggers, lay it on me: Do you know anything about tankless water heaters? Like 'em? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Let me know. Mr. Beale and I will be eternally grateful.