Friday, July 13, 2007

This Week In Religious Intolerance

More news you won’t hear on the MSM: History was made today when a Hindu gave the first-ever morning invocation in the U.S. Senate. Instead of feeling good about this ecumenical display, we can all be embarassed by the disruption caused by three Christian activists. Talking Points Memo has the scoop:
The three protesters, who all belong to the Christian Right anti-abortion group Operation Save America, and who apparently traveled to Washington all the way from North Carolina, interrupted by loudly asking for God's forgiveness for allowing the false prayer of a Hindu in the Senate chamber.

"Lord Jesus, forgive us father for allowing a prayer of the wicked, which is an abomination in your sight," the first protester began.

"This is an abomination," he continued. "We shall have no other gods before You."

TPM has the video clip which is worth watching, as well as a copy of Operation Save America’s press release, in which they make the absurd claim that "Not one Senator had the backbone to stand as our Founding Fathers stood. They stood on the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”

No, they didn’t, and neither did the Operation Save America folks.