Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mayor’s Race, Up Close & Personal

Courtesy of at-large candidate Charlie Tygard’s “Election Guide,” which landed in my mailbox yesterday, we get an interesting look at the top six mayoral candidates.

No, this is not an endorsement of Charlie Tygard. In fact, I’ll state right now that I voted on Wednesday and Mr. Tygard was not one of my five. Sorry ‘bout that. In spite of that I did find his “Election Guide” a big winner. How else would I have learned that:

• Buck Dozier cites “easy listening” as his favorite music and The Carpenters and Tony Bennett as his favorite artists. Dude, could you be a bigger square? Come on, even President Bush’s iPod is better than that.

• Bob Clement’s household chore is “cleaning up after” the dog. Not to be outdone, Buck Dozier says he cleans toilets. Both good experience for the Mayor’s office, no?

Other tidbits:

• Howard Gentry’s’ favorite movie is “South Pacific.”

• Karl Dean is the coolest. He likes Neil Young, “On The Waterfront,” and a Vanderbilt/Kentucky basketball game is his “don’t miss” event.

• David Briley’s favorite movie is “Field of Dreams” and his “don’t miss” event is roller derby at the state fairgrounds. For the record, I did not know they had roller derby at the fairgrounds.

• Kenneth Eaton is a fan of Aerosmith, Kid Rock and Pink Floyd. I would not have guessed that in a million years.

To read the whole thing, click on the image at the top ...