Thursday, July 19, 2007

Call Sen. Corker’s Office Today

Why? I’ll let Dover Bitch tell you why.

It’s time for the party of family values to stand up and say no to forced abortions, rape, and slavery for the sake of Gap jeans bearing a “Made in the USA” label.

Call, don’t write. It takes two seconds and Corker’s staff are much nicer than the assholes who worked for Bill Frist. It’s easy, it’s fun. Here’s where to call, pick one or go for the trifecta and call ‘em all:

Washington, D.C. -- 202-224-3344
Nashville -- 615-279-8125
Memphis -- 901-683-1910
Knoxville -- 865-637-4180
Jackson -- 731-424-9655
Chattanooga -- 423-756-2757