Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are You My Mommy?

Word has it that the Franklin Co. (Fla.) Humane Society is going to lose its funding and shut its doors. The no-kill shelter is near the vacation hot spot of St. George Island but, as with many places of its kind, Franklin County is riddled with contrasts: despite the multimillion-dollar vacation homes, it’s also one of the poorest counties in Florida.

If the no-kill shelter loses its funds, and it’s looking that way, dozens of cats and dogs will be sent to Animal Control to be euthanized.

Here’s where you come in: the following three kittens will be in Nashville soon. Can you give them a home? They are all clear on Feline Leukemia/AIDs, have their shots, and will be spayed/neutered. Let me know in Comments if you're interested.

This is Cookie, found hanging around a rental house on St. George Island. They also found what probably had been her mother, who had been hit and died. She is a little skittish, but when you pick her up she has the loudest purr. She is a big eater and very playful. She isn't crazy about dogs but will probably get used to them.

This is Boo. Three guesses how she got her name! I'm told she's gonna be a chunk. She is very talkative, also very affectionate and inquisitive. Not afraid of dogs, short hair and is also about 14 to 15 weeks old. She's one of 5 kittens that the owner of the Mother cat threw out in the yard.

Finally we have Moses. I'm seriously considering taking this one. Hey, I've got 7, what's one more? He's about 14 to 16 weeks old. He was one of 2 that someone left in a box one night at the door of the shelter. He's all legs & ears, with a long face. He is extremely affectionate, loves being held. Gets along with other cats and isn't afraid of dogs.

So that's it. Do something good for your karma, adopt a homeless kitten.