Thursday, July 5, 2007

It’s Not A Gang, It’s A Club

Actually, it’s not even a club. It’s a made up story. Well, what do you expect from those clowns at Fox News?

As Bill O’Reilly and Fox News sink ever deeper into self-parody, the jokes just write themselves. Last week Bill O’Reilly claimed that pink pistol-wielding “lesbian gangs” are taking over American cities, including one right here in Tennessee called GTO (for Gays Taking Over).

Pink pistols. I kid you not.

O’Reilly’s “expert” for this shocking news story was Fox News “crime analyst” Rod Wheeler, whose bio says he is in “corporate security and safety management” at Boston Market. Some bloggers are wondering if that means he’s a security guard. Heh.

Blogger Erin Wiegand looked into the incidents Wheeler detailed in his O’Reilly appearance and found there’s nothing behind them. Read her post, it’s absolutely hilarious. Those “pink pistols”? It’s the name of a pro-gun gay organization--you know, NRA types. They aren’t a gang and they don’t really carry pink pistols.

Hilarious. Well, what do you expect. Fox News doesn’t even know real news from parodies. A school administrator in Maine is suing after he got harassed when Fox failed to check out a bogus story about ham bones supposedly thrown at Somali students at a Lewiston, Maine, middle school.

I remembered this one: all the wingnut bloggers were apoplectic about it. The ham bone throwers were supposedly suspended, since Somalis are Muslim and throwing a ham bone would be considered offensive. Sadly for our dumber right wingers and Fox News, the story was bogus; it came from a parody website. That didn’t stop Fox from thinking it was real and unleashing its hordes of bigoted viewers on the poor Lewiston Maine school district.

None of the scary lesbian gang stories checked out either, but that hasn’t stopped the story from getting picked up by conservative Christian groups. With hate crimes against gays a reality in this country, this kind of shoddy fear-mongering is incredibly irresponsible.