Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Miss My Quiet Mornings

OK, I’m enjoying my Saturday morning cup of coffee in the backyard listening to the birds go a twitter and watching the butterflies dance on the flowers when ROOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR ....

What the hell ...?

Starting around 6 am airplanes taking off from the Nashville airport are all of a sudden flying over my neighborhood, and no I’m not in East Nashville, the neighborhood getting all of the attention for this disruption. Actually, I’m in Green Hills, on a completely different side of town.

Someone, please tell me this isn’t because some asshole has to prove his manliness by building the tallest-ever skyscraper downtown. Can’t he get the same effect by, you know, driving a Hummer or something?

I remember when NewsChannel5 would park their traffic helicopter over my neighborhood in the afternoon in between broadcasts. they’d circle overhead for about 30 minutes, which is not what a writer on deadline whose office is above the garage needs to hear.
Finally one day when I was about to go out of my skull I asked them to find another neighborhood to harass; I don’t know if it was my complaint or what, but the helicopter hasn’t been back.

This isn’t quite as bad as that, but come on, it’s 6 am. I wonder, when the weather cools down this fall and folks start opening their windows if there will be more complaints?