Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Of course, we always knew that the Crawford Ranch was just a presidential stage prop. So it was no shock to read that President Bush and Laura are moving to a wealthy Dallas neighborhood. I mean seriously, who thought the Bushes were going to clear brush in some West Texas backwater in their sunset years? Get real.

But this surprised me:
Until 2000, the neighborhood association's covenant said only white people were allowed to live there, though an exception was made for servants.

Enacted in 1956, part of the original document reads:

"Said property shall be used and occupied by white persons except those shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of different race or nationality in the employ of a tenant."

There are probably a lot of neighborhoods in Nashville that still have such covenants on the books.

Nice little reminder of how far we've come ... or not.