Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun With Sitemeter

I love Sitemeter, it appeals to the nosy spy in me. Did you know that with Sitemeter I can not only learn what city you’re in but whether you use a Mac or a PC, or even what kind of monitor you have?

Actually, the last stuff interests me far less than what kind of search terms one uses to find me. You can learn a lot about a person from their Google fu. For instance, I have to wonder about the person who entered the search terms “book boy leaves indian reservation to attend all white school.” If you knew all that, what other information did you possibly need?

Some recent Google searches that brought people to my blog:

• “is limbaugh insane?” (This from someone in Switzerland ...) Umm .. yeah, I think so.

• “is demetria kalodimos gay?” Not sure why everyone thinks women with short hair are gay, but I believe Kalodimos just married songwriter Verlon Thompson so I’d guess no, she’s not gay.

• “heywood jablome.” I get lots of those because back in May I titled a post about KY Rep. Tim Couch’s “personal responsibility on the internet” bill, “But My Name Really IS Heywood Jablome!”

• “what does open season mean?” Okay, this query came from someone in Jackson, Mississippi. I find it hard to believe someone in Jackson MS isn’t familiar with the hunting seasons, or that “open season” on a particular type of game means it’s legal to hunt that animal. But hey, if you’re still out there and you’re still Googling, you now have your answer.

• “rod blagojevich in a toga.” I don’t even want to know.