Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Clean Coal My Ass


The national news media may have a blackout on this story, but activists groups do not. Sign the petition to Gov. Bredesen to make sure nothing like this happens again.


Explain this one, please:
According to local news reports millions of yards of ashy toxic sludge broke through a dike at TVA's Kingston coal-fired plant Monday, covering hundreds of acres, knocking one home off its foundation. Coal ash can carry toxic substances that include mercury, arsenic and lead, according to a federal study.

Greenpeace is calling today for there to be a criminal investigation into the matter. “Every facility like this is supposed to have a spill contingency plan to prevent this kind of disaster,” said Rick Hind, Greenpeace Legislative
Director. “The authorities need to get to the bottom of what went wrong and hold the responsible parties accountable.”

A half a billion gallons of toxic sludge, larger than the ExxonValdez spill. It was nice of the national media to notice this ... Guess they didn’t want to lose out on all of that “clean coal” advertising money.

From the Tennessean:

The spill sent sludge into the Emory River, which flows into the Clinch; damaged 12 houses in the Swan Pond community; and littered yards with dead fish. No one was seriously injured, but three houses are probably beyond repair, officials said.

TVA and other teams continued water sampling in the Emory River and the Clinch, as well as the Tennessee a little farther downstream Tuesday. Monday's testing showed water treated through normal means would be safe to drink, and concentrations of toxic metals were below state limits to protect fish.

I’m calling BULLSHIT on that one. Good people of Roane County, do not drink that water! We’ve heard such reassurances in the wake of disaster before.

Watch the video: