Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bredesen: "A National Wake-Up Call"

Gov. Bredesen is touring the TVA ash spill site as I write. Some pertinent Tweets:
• TN Gov. Bredesen I guess this an epiphany for tva and the that some things have got to change

• BREAKING: Gov. Bredesen says days of TVA's self regulation are over. Calls TVA disaster a national wake up call

• BREAKING: Gov. Bredesen calls for review of state environmental regulations top to bottom following TVA coal ash spill.

This is all exactly what I've been waiting to hear. None of this nonsense from Lamar “no wind power” Alexander whose statement (“TVA should clean up this mess and clean it up quickly, and do everything possible to make sure it never happens again.”) was just this side of lame.

TVA is going to fix it, Senator Alexander. But it's up to us to make sure this never happens again.

And Gov. Bredesen is right, this is a national wake-up call. Half of our electricity is generated by burning coal. Do you know where the coal waste in your community is stored? Do you know how it's treated? Do you know if it's radioactive?

You should.