Sunday, December 28, 2008

After The Deluge, v.2

Let the cleanup coverup begin!

Building on my earlier post on this, police detain environmental activists at coal ash spill site:
KINGSTON (WATE) -- Two environmental activists were detained by TVA police Friday as the utility stepped up security around the site of the ash spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant.

"All we are doing was taking pictures," David Cooper, with the non-profit environmental group United Mountain Defense, told 6 News.

Cooper and another activist, Matt Landon, say that's when TVA officials confronted them.

"There was a little pull-off on the road and we pulled over and we were immediately accosted  and told they would be arrested," Cooper said.

The two men say they were then detained by police on Swan Pond Circle. A portion of that road is now blocked off by an increased presence from TVA police.

Just two days ago, 6 News was able to visit that same spot as passers-by stopped to take a look at the spill.

Yes, TVA has its own police force. That's to be expected, when you're a public utility that operates nuclear plants and whatnot. Anyway, United Mountain Defense is the group which posted this amazing video footage on YouTube; don't know if these are the same guys who were detained or not. If you want to see the ash spill site first hand, don’t tune in to CNN. Watch this instead:

Lots more information on the spill at Twitter here (h/t, Newscoma.)