Friday, December 5, 2008

Have They Forgotten?

This Wall Street Journal headline just stuns. There are no words:
'At Least Bush Kept Us Safe'

Bush kept us safe? Really? Like on 9/11, when 3,000 people died?

Or on August 28, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit and over 1,300 people died?

Bush kept us safe?

The column, from Peggy Noonan, is subtitled "The Two Words Democrats Don't Want Tacked On To That Sentence." You know, "At least Bush kept us safe ... Unlike Obama!"

Here are some words I could tack on to that sentence:

"At least Bush Kept Us Safe" * † ** ††

* Except for 9/11 ...
† And forgetting that whole anthrax thing, which everyone always forgets, even though a couple people died and stuff...
** And let's say Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster and leave it at that, forgetting the botched government response ...
†† And of course there's that whole War in Iraq thing which totally didn't need to happen, and which now Karl Rove is saying we wouldn't have done if we'd known Saddam didn't have WMD, which we all knew anyway, but who's counting, really ...

Right. Peggy Noonan, I want some of what you’re drinking. That Potomac Kool-Aid must extra strong these days.

(h/t, Attaturk.)