Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Apologize For Any Inconvenience

DISH Network customers in Nashville no longer have ABC/Channel 2, thanks to a dispute between DISH and station owner Young Broadcasting.

If you tune in to Channel 2 you get a clip of Michael McKenna, director of Programming for DISH Network, talking about how their contract with Young Broadcasting expired on Dec. 11 and they can no longer carry WKRN programming. The reason they didn’t come to terms prior to Dec. 11, McKenna says, is because “Young Broadcasting demanded unreasonable contract terms and an excessive rate.” We’re then urged to call WKRN General Manager Gwen Kinsey.

Apparently, Nashville isn’t the only market affected. Young Broadcasting owns 10 stations, including those in San Francisco, Albany, N.Y., and Richmond, Va.

Prior to DISH pulling the plug, I recall Young Broadcasting running ads telling us to contact DISH Network.

I honestly don’t know what the dispute is about and frankly I don’t care. When we looked at the ABC schedule, we realized we don’t watch anything on that network anyway. So we’re fine without it.

But it annoys me that a station owner and DISH Network would both lobby viewers over their contract dispute. I don’t know what Young Broadcasting’s demands are, if they are “unreasonable,” or if DISH is being unreasonable. I have enough on my plate right now as it is, I don’t want to worry about their business negotiations.

So figure it out, people. Isn’t that what we pay you to do? Make the necessary deals to carry the programming we want to see?

It’s stupid.