Thursday, December 18, 2008

I’ll Have What He’s Smoking, Please

Hearing Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson crowing about how “President Bush was right, the surge worked, everyone else was wrong” on MSNBC this morning was surreal. Everyone forgets the entire point of the surge was to “create breathing room” for political solutions.

Remember that? Remember "breathing room"?

So pay no attention to the thwarted military coup in Iraq:
BAGHDAD — Up to 35 officials in the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior ranking as high as general have been arrested over the past three days with some of them accused of quietly working to reconstitute Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party, according to senior security officials in Baghdad.

The arrests, confirmed by officials from the Ministries of the Interior and National Security as well as the prime minister’s office, included four generals. The officials also said that the arrests had come at the hand of an elite counterterrorism force that reports directly to the office of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki.

Pay no attention to the descent into shoe-throwing chaos, inspired by the defiant act of one journalist.

Pay no attention to the bombings in Kirkuk:

They knew that the restaurant would be packed with families, women and children - But collateral damages are to be expected - after all, it is a war. A vicious war of interests, of politics and supremacy.

The room was a shambles. On the flood was a mass of tortured humanity – those that lived.

Prams and pacifiers; ribbons and toys.

Purses thrown open with make up and perfume bottles strewn everywhere. I can see them with my mind's eye. They look much like what my daughter carries in her purse…My daughter, your daughter…anyone's daughter.

And now we hear that Iraq may need American troops in Iraq for ten years to come - To fight the insurgency.

Sure, the surge has been a, pardon the pun, “smashing” success.

Keep telling yourselves that. I realize you need to polish Bush’s legacy to clear the way for Jeb but maybe you should wait for the bombings to actually stop first. Just a thought.