Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why Conservatives Can’t Do Social Policy

I had no idea that this was the conservative explanation for gender wage disparity:
If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

One of the oldest debates in contemporary social science is why women earn less than men.

Conservatives tend to argue that because women anticipate taking time off to raise children, they have fewer incentives to work hard in school, and they choose careers where on-the-job training and long hours are less important.

Really? That’s what conservatives think?

Hey! Conservatives! Is that true? Is that why you think women are paid less than men? Because we don’t deserve it? Because we decided in school not to study so hard for that test, or decided not to work so hard on the job, because we just knew that we were going to be stay at home moms at some point?

You really think that?

Y’all are morons.

That is without a doubt the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. As noted in this article, liberals know deeply entrenched sex discrimination is the primary culprit in gender pay disparity. Now a study looking at folks who have changed their gender proves we are right:

The men and women in the study had already gone to school and made their career choices. Some of them changed jobs after they transitioned, and some stayed in the same jobs. Some were out to their employers; others started completely new lives as members of the opposite sex. Regardless, the overall pattern was very clear: newly minted women were punished, and newly minted men got a little bump-up in pay.