Monday, October 6, 2008

Palins Owe “Tens Of Thousands” In Taxes

The Wall Street Journal’s blog has the goods.

Apparently, the Palins are due a visit from the IRS:
Jack Bogdanski (Lewis & Clark) & Bryan Camp (Texas Tech) have independently reviewed the tax issues raised by the release of Gov. Palin's 2006 and 2007 tax returns and financial disclosure form, as well as the remarkable opinion letter issued from Washington D.C. tax lawyer Roger M. Olsen.  Jack and Bryan conclude that there are serious errors in Gov. Palin's returns as filed and that she and her husband owe tens of thousands of dollars in additional taxes.


There is no serious debate (at least, none that has been brought to our attention) about the fact that at least the amounts paid for the children's travel -- $24,728.83 in 2007, according to the Washington Post -- are taxable. The campaign's tax lawyer has got at least that much of the law, and perhaps more, wrong. ...  The Palins, who had their tax returns done by HR Block, simply got it wrong. And the fact that the state payroll office got it wrong, too, doesn't erase the Palins' unpaid tax liability.

HR Block did the governor’s taxes?


Okie dokie.

At least the Republican ticket is being consistent. The McCains defaulted on their property taxes, if you'll recall. Of course, they had an excuse: with that many homes, it’s easy to lose track.